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Bottleflavor Studios is a multidisciplinary media company offering photography and videography services. High school friends, Daniel Jung and Dean Oh established a unique bond through filmmaking. After going separate ways during their studies, the pair connected again several years later and Bottleflavor Studios was established.
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Photography and Videography

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Our Team

Dynamic Duo

At our very core, we're a pair of storytellers. Films and photos are what we use to express ourselves and the stories we wish to tell.
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Daniel Jung
Photographer 路 Cinematographer 路
Part 107 Drone Pilot
Dean Oh
Photographer 路 Cinematographer 路
Gimbal Operator

Our story began 2016

In 2016, Dean and Daniel met on a bus in high school. Through a shared passion of filmmaking, they decided to make fun videos and quirky skits together. However, nearing college, they had to temporarily split paths, as Daniel decided to go study at the University of Texas to study Physics while Dean attended the University of Auburn聽to study Computer Science.

Flash forward a couple of years and in May of 2019, Daniel and Dean decided to make Bottleflavor official. Dean moved to Austin, Texas. Together with their shared passion for storytelling, the duo continues to pursue their filmmaking careers as well as their passions for helping local Austin businesses.

"Dean and Daniel of BottleFlavor are everything you could desire in a photography and videography team. They made our wildest dreams come true! My engagement idea was grand and potentially unrealistic. Dean and Daniel went above and beyond to ensure that not only was my dream engagement made into a reality, but that it exceeded our wildest expectations! 聽I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone in search of capturing the perfect moment."

Ryan and Janene, Recently engaged

Honestly, I would definitely recommend Bottleflavor to anyone that is looking for some quality work. I happened to come across their Instagram and requested for a mini photoshoot. They were very professional as they did more than their due diligence to make sure I would get the most out of the shoot. Not only that, but I was extremely satisfied with the final work - to the point that I鈥檝e already requested for another shoot.

Jenny, Graduate Student

These boys are hilarious and they are so much fun to work with. I鈥檓 typically super camera shy but the good vibes they give off are contagious. 10/5 stars, keep up the good work!

Sky聽Citizen, Musician

I'm incredibly camera-shy, but the Bottleflavor crew's professionalism and adaptability in the face of my awkward modeling got me through my photoshoot with some great pictures for my LinkedIn! Thanks, guys!

Samara, Graphic Designer